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JJinga Recruitment - A108 - 11-08-2016

                                          JJinga Recruitment                         

Hello MineSquads factions players! Over the past week, KVMS and I have been debating whether or not to start recruiting. We fought bravely last map, but we want more players who can generate more ideas and more of a community. Due to the map reset, we decided this would be the perfect time to start recruiting new players.
                                                                             Our Goals
 Previously on ChoiceCraft factions, JJinga flourished as a business mogul in the faction world. Today, it still lives on. JJinga has suffered many misfortunes, but together we can rise up again. Everyone always like to say their idea is perfect, but nothing is perfect. We want more players to generate positive thinking within the server and the faction, and let creativity flourish as our faction will to. Unlike last map, we want to have a strong defensive approach. We want to create a great fighting power. We also want to create a safe area to farm, build, and grind. Of course, everyone deserves their own privacy. We want to create a faction base where people can have their own room, but there can still be a community presence. All together, we can change this server drastically and change what the name JJinga means to everyone.

                                                                Characteristics In A Player:
     We want to create a safe and creative place for players. We will need active players who can help create a great faction. We want the helpful people who can play factions. We want the ones who try to make the server a better place, as we do to. We want to boost creativity, happiness, and innovation. We want to remodel the faction world, just we need your help

Please fill out all of the following:




Current faction:

How long you have played factions:

How long have you played this server:


Previous faction history:

Why do you want to join JJinga:

Got any questions/concerns? Feel free to message KVMS or I, A108, on forums private message or message us in-game. Thank you!


The JJinga Team Big Grin

RE: JJinga Recruitment - Forks - 11-08-2016

let me in i have a brazzers account

RE: JJinga Recruitment - A108 - 11-08-2016

If you wish to join, please fill out the application Smile

RE: JJinga Recruitment - Forks - 11-08-2016

that was my application

RE: JJinga Recruitment - Furious_Flow - 11-09-2016

You just can't change, can you?

RE: JJinga Recruitment - A108 - 11-09-2016

Forks I know this is a joke, but if you genuinely want to join please fill out the application setup we have.

RE: JJinga Recruitment - KVMS - 11-09-2016

(11-08-2016, 09:32 PM)Forks Wrote: that was my application

Then your application is denied.

RE: JJinga Recruitment - Forks - 11-09-2016

you dont want high quality hd videos?

RE: JJinga Recruitment - A108 - 11-10-2016

Not at the moment, we do not. Now please stop replying to this thread if you aren't applying. If you are applying, follow the application format.

RE: JJinga Recruitment - Forks - 11-12-2016

you really don't know what you are missing out on