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Im sorry - Nanoak - 12-03-2016

Username: Nanoak

Person that banned/muted you: Vaseline

Ban/mute reason: "Cheating"

Any other information: I was banned for "cheating" when I don't think I did anything  wrong so I have no Idea what is happening but if I broke the rules in any way I'm sorry.

RE: Im sorry - Vaseline - 12-04-2016

Denying/Playing dumb wont get you anywhere, we both know that you where using hacks, just admit it and we can start over again when your 1 week ban is over.

RE: Im sorry - Nanoak - 12-04-2016

I had an x-ray glitch for like 10 min and I took advantage of it and I know I shouldn't have and I'm very sorry I will never take advantage of any glitch again and if I notice one I will report it. I'm sorry Sad

RE: Im sorry - Vaseline - 12-04-2016

Thats not what you where banned for, lying even more isn't a good idea.

RE: Im sorry - Nanoak - 12-04-2016

I don't understand what is going on I am serious I am not joking I swear to god I don't know what is going on, please believe me you have to I'm speaking the truth. I swear on my life I am not lying.

RE: Im sorry - KVMS - 12-05-2016


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