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Staff Application - CensoredPvP - 12-08-2016

Age: 16

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (Usa)

How many hours per week do you play/are you available? I play 20 hours during week days and about 30 hours on weekends

When did you start playing Minecraft?
 about 6 years ago (Prev accounts have been hacked) but ive been playing Minesquad like servers for about a year (When Choicecraft was popular 

Have you ever been banned/muted/disciplined on this or any server?
Yeah, ive been banned on a few, muted on a lot (Used to be toxic), and ive been kicked for being toxic before
Do you have any server staff experience? If yes, please list
Yes, i used to own a server with a friend of mine called Shadow Realms, and ive been admin on a few servers (MianteLegacyMC left because of drama) ive been helper on a few very inactive servers, where i was the only one playing i was mod on a server with a constant 40 players (MianiteRoleplay.com) but the server was shut down because the owner couldnt pay anymore
Why you think you should be staff:
I think i should be staff because i play constantly, i am a friendly person, i want to help new/veteran players with any issues, and wish to help out the server in any way! I also am liked on the server with most players, which i remain to keep that way with new players, and wish to clean the server of hackers Tongue (It would also be kinda cool to make a "Staff series" type videos for my youtube but thats not the main reason) 

RE: Staff Application - ScriptedVersion - 12-08-2016

Application is under Review! Thanks for applying.

RE: Staff Application - A108 - 12-08-2016

This was a nice application! 50 hours a week? Lots of commitment to this server! Big Grin

RE: Staff Application - PotentialBae - 12-19-2016

(12-08-2016, 04:04 AM)ScriptedVersion Wrote: Application is under Review! Thanks for applying.
Scripted, on the forums.  He must have been hacked


RE: Staff Application - CensoredPvP - 12-23-2016