MineSquads Factions Game Rules

General Gameplay
1) The usage of hacks, cheats, or duplication glitches are not permitted
2) Any form of discrimination or derogatory behaviour is not acceptable, including real-life threats and issues
3) Account sharing and the use of multiple/alternate accounts are not allowed
4) Players playing from the same location as others, such as households or schools, must report this to staff to avoid being punished
5) Disrupting chat in any way through wining, begging, advertising, or causing serious arguments and issues is punishable
6) AFK grinders are not permitted to be built nor used. All grinders, redstone circuits, and other mechanisms must have an off switch and cannot be modified to be used whilst AFK
7) Making a threat to attack a person or the server using something such as DDoS will result in a serious punishment
8) Do not exploit bugs, all errors you feel should not be in the game must be reported to a staff member immediately

Faction Rules
1) All factions older than 24 hours must have a faction home set. To do this, use /f sethome
2) Factions may have one base and two outposts claimed
3) Unclaimed bases are not allowed
4) No bases or outposts should be created in the nether, end or resource worlds. Please use the map's overworld only
5) No bases, walls, floors, or ceilings may be made of entities including furnaces or crafting tables
6) Factions may have a maximum of 15 spawners in their base

NOTICE: Staff may kick, ban, and mute at their discretion, given what they feel is necessary. They do not need to provide evidence against you and therefore their decision is final. If you feel a decision is unfair and should be challenged, please do so peacefully by making a thread on the forums. This may be done in the SUPPORT area allocated