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Ban Appeal For Next Map - Xile
Username: Xile

Person that banned/muted you: Gandy and Alexis

Ban/mute reason: Xraying

Any other infomation: Sorry for xraying and I will not do it. As you said before " when you get unbanned you just do it again " . I agree my mining did look very fishy because I was mining under and on top of lava and found 2 patches of diamonds. I couldn't really say anything because I xrayed 2 weeks before. In addition to this, I wanted to say I wouldn't xray less than 1 day after getting unbanned for that exact reason xD. Anyhow, I just want to say thanks you for giving me a ' 3rd shot ' xD. I will not do it again and if you see me doing anything fishy, don't just ban me without telling me because I won't be hacking. Thank you Alexis and Gandy. Smile

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