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MineSquads General Rules
MineSquads General Rules:

Be respectful of fellow players, staff and the server.

Do not exploit bugs or glitches.  Report bugs and glitches to staff or on the forums.

The use of multiple, alternative or "alt" accounts by one player is prohibited. Players playing in the same house please notify staff.

Racism, discrimination and personal attacks are not allowed.

Any form of DDoS, Dox, harassment, blackmail, or extortion - including threatening of said actions (sarcastically or NOT) will result in punishment

Excessive spamming, toxicity and generally being obnoxious in chat will be dealt with accordingly.

Telling another player or staff member to kill themselves, self harm, KYS or engaging in any form of suicide encouragement will result in an immediate 30 day mute with no chance for appeal.

The use of ANY hacks, cheats, clients, macros, auto-clickers, dupes, xray clients or texture packs, or any game modifications that give an advantage over another player is prohibited and will result in punishment.

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