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MineSquads Gameplay Rules
MineSquads Gameplay Rules

Faction Rules:

FACTION BASES:  Factions may have one main base (defined as the location with the faction home) and two outposts (defined as land claims not connected to the main base) per faction.  Unclaimed bases are not allowed.

FACTION F HOMES: All factions must have an f home set within 48 hours of creation.  Factions without an f home after 48 hours will result in staff setting an f home for the faction. For faction security, it is recommended players set their own f home.

FACTION SIZE: Factions may have a maximum of 5 players per faction.

FACTION SPAWNERS AND ENTITIES: Factions may have a maximum of 12 spawners per faction TOTAL. Not per base. Factions with excessive entities may result in staff clearing entities. Please consider this when building villager breeders and animal farms.  Mobs cleared due to excessive numbers will not be replaced by staff.

FACTION CLAIMS: Factions claims may not block or enclose other bases or stargates.  

Redstone Rules:

DARK ROOMS: Standard dark rooms that do not use clocks or redstone are allowed.

AUTO-BREWERS: No mass auto-brewers are allowed.  Any auto-brewers causing substantial FPS lag is too large and should be reduced.  If you are unsure, please contact staff before constructing. This auto brewer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ENfB_X1g3c is pre-approved when constructed as shown.

AUTO-SORTERS: Auto-sorters are not allowed. (some smaller ones maybe allowed but check with staff first)

REDSTONE MECHANISMS: All redstone mechanisms are required to have an off switch when not in use. This includes timers, pistons, mechanisms and all forms of redstone machines.

BLOCK ENTITIES: No bases built out of and/or containing excessive numbers of block entities per base/faction are allowed.  Excessive numbers will be determined by staff. A complete list of block entities can be found here:  http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Block_entity

Combat and Raiding Rules:

EXCESSIVE KILLING: Continuing to kill a player once they are at full negative power is prohibited.

LAVA BUCKETS: Lava and lava buckets are allowed to be used in PVP

GLITCHING: Horses, pigs, boats, minecarts, enderpearls, chorus fruit and lift signs may be used for glitching into another factions base. Any other methods of glitching should be cleared with staff prior to use.

GRIEFING: Excessive griefing of the map is not allowed.  Block towers for height, griefing for the purposes of raiding or escaping a trap is allowed.

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