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Person that banned/muted you: Probs the lord and savior Vaseline

Ban/mute reason: "Unfit for the community" 

Any other infomation: I told vaseline that staff sides with people and doesn't punish people the same way for the same thing. and I also put "Schmoked" in chat 3 times and got muted. And told Vaseline to fuck off and got muted for even longer .I really don't know what else to put in this appeal because that is pretty much it. 
LOL - I log off for a minute and your banned
Quote:"A crown is merely a hat that lets the rain in." -Frederick The Great

Andrew (A108)

First, this is not the first time we have found ourselves in this position with you. 

I have reviewed the chat logs from this evening and that was not even close to the sum of what went on. You directly attacked and criticized not only the server but the staff who DONATE their time to make the server run and make it a fun place to spend time. You all out called the server and staff shit for punishing you for breaking the rules. 

Given this has been an ongoing issue, imade the decision to ban you as being unfit for our community. Given your feelings, or the things you said at least, I am unsure why you are appealing. I would believe someone with your level of hostility towards us should find it a relief to be banned. 

Finally, to address your threat to take your faction with you... If your faction chooses to leave with you we accept that. We welcome anyone who plays fair, is respectful and builds a community based on respect. Toxicity and hate are not welcome. 

Your appeal is denied and we wish you well in your search for a new server.

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