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Goodbye Everyone
Hey everyone, I just want to say how much fun I've had with this community on choicecraft, and it's been an appsolute blast. I wouldn't change it for anything if I could. Thanks for being such an awesome and funny community. I just want to say that I will be quitting minecraft for now. I have so much school work and what not. Some of you if not many of you may be happy that I'm leaving minecraft and the community for now, but I want to say it's been amazing. Choicecraft was such a great server and I think as it died I feel as if I should too. I'm not saying MineSquads isn't amazing either, because I think it will be very popular in the future, well I hope so, immensely. There have been many, many ups and downs on choicecraft and this server, besides the fact it's a brand new server. But I've had a spectacular time and I hope to see you all again one day. Thanks for all the amazing memories on choicecraft and I hope this server does extreamily well. Many thanks to the staff on choicecraft for such an amazing server, and the community to make it great.

You'rse sincerely 

~Xile  Smile

I didn't know you that much, but you were there.  Schoolwork does take time, and its good you you to focus on.  Good luck Smile   When you get time come back.  We will all be here.  


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