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ShadowWarrior100 Introduction
Hi my name is Mathew, most just call me Mat and yes only one "T", if you want to know my skype ask in a private message and if I know you I'll tell you. I like Anime and enjoy playing factions MineCraft servers so long as they have MCMMO that works. I like to talk to people and wish to make friends on this server

IGN: ShadowWarrior100

Location: Illinois

if you want to know more about me then please ask and I will gladly answer
Nice To see you here. I hope to see you on the server! Smile
[Image: eJzzy8zLSox3KU3OLlbQVfDNz8ssyS9S4ArISazU...AgEQ~~.png]
I was told that the server is whitelisted by 3265MNE and don't know if the computer I'm on can use minecraft, but I will be trying to get on Smile
Hey Mat, its been a long time! Yes the server is white listed currently as it is in the process of making, only staff and builders will be able to join. But keep your eyes open for a grand opening to this very epic server!
will do, and when I get a new computer (currently on a desktop that can't run mc, cri) I'll be certain to get on if the servers up and running

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