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Dragonite Recruitment Thread
Hey if u are reading this it means that you would like to join a faction next map. I would love for it to be my faction so read on, i am 12 years old i have been playing minecraft since i was like 7 and i have been a active member of CC/MineSquads for the last 3 years. I am decently well experienced i have had many minecraft names over the time i have been playing minecraft (If u want to  check them out just go here https://namemc.com/profile/PopMeIfYouCan/67f01b41.) i am a decent redstoner who can make doors and most thing pritty easily, i am extremely active aswell.

Application Setup

Time Zone:

Hours Willing To Dedicate To MineSquads:

Have You Been Banned Or Muted:

Why Do You Want To Join My Faction:

What Factions Where You Previously Apart Of:

What Can You Bring To My Faction:

Have You Ever Insided:

What Is Your Speciality:
Nice to see a new faction sprouting out in Minesquads! I wish you the best of luck with Dragonite! Seeya in-game!
Quote:"A crown is merely a hat that lets the rain in." -Frederick The Great

Andrew (A108)

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