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Username: James

Person that banned/muted you: Gandy

Ban/mute reason: auto click Macros

Any other information:

Well, I screwed up. I am not writing this thread to appeal since my ban is a week, I am just apologising for my actions. I was playing the game cookie clicker where your goal is to click the cookie as much as you can so, I use a macro key so my finger doesn't die. I was killing endermen when I had the stupid idea of using this trick on the server. After about ten seconds I was kicked and shortly banned. I just want to let the staff know I am truly sorry for not regarding the rules and I swear to never try and pull a stunt like this again. I don't mind the ban but I don't want my trust on mine squads to be ruined. 

James - I like this apology a lot. Really shows you are sorry, especially for not asking for the ban to be lifted. See you in game soon Smile
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Andrew (A108)

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