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Server updates!
Hey everyone just going to inform you on some updates that have been made recently on the server.

Okay so first off you can now join on all clients from 1.7 - 1.10 for all of you who like the 1.7 you will now be able to play using 1.7. This is new and might have some bugs, please report any bug/ something odd to a member of staff.

Secondly, some new crates have been added, these include: Legendary, Master (WIP) and Event(WIP) we also buffed/modified some of the vote crate loot, you can now receive money and you get 16 steak instead of 1. Legendary and Master crates can be found on the Buy-craft.

Third, some modifications have been made to spawn to make it look more Christmas themed, the crates where moved to the South-East side of spawn. Also some modifications to the Admin shop have been made, some price adjustments and balancing have been made, we also added buy able enchants.

Fourth, some new events are planned, those will be announced on our twitter, Twitter.com/MineSquads follow us to get frequent updates. Some performance improvements and bug fixes have been made also, wont bore you with the details.

That is it for now, will keep you updated.
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Very cool updates! I really like the version addition and the new crates Smile.
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Really nice addition! Hope it will bring in new players and help the players that play now grow on Minesquads!
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Andrew (A108)
Nice! Can't wait to start playing on the server again

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