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My name isn't Ash.
Hi folks it's me Ash.

My real name is not Ash nor Ower so stop asking. You might see me around time to time I'll be giving some hints and tips to the Owners/Admins. Besides that, I do not take part in any server-related management stuff so don't bother asking me anything.

Other than that, I'm gonna stick around and see how this server looks and works and maybe have a fun time when I have time (which isn't that often nowdays anyway).

That's all, Czech Out.
On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog.
Well hey there. It seems that a lot of people are coming here from Choicecraft. Now one of the Owners has come here as well Big Grin
flyingturtles92 = The Lone Wanderer
sumtinzup = Butch DeLoria

Nice To see you here ash
[Image: eJzzy8zLSox3KU3OLlbQVfDNz8ssyS9S4ArISazU...AgEQ~~.png]
Welcome Ash, hope you have fun here once the server opens.
the tables have turned, i'm the admin now

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