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Hey i'm 330PM
Hey, hi, i'm Kaden and i love graphic designing so *wink wink nudge nudge*. Not free but hey i do a decent job and i'm top in my graphic design class! Even the seniors! I love bmxing and fast cars, and i am a manager on a server i can not yet give out the name of. I own a dog named Reese and if you ever Skype call me the you will probably hear her because she loves my 100x more than my sister and is always by my side. I hope to see you all on the server soon!


If you want to see some of my work i will put it in the signature and if it isnt working just tell me and ill send you the link to see it.
Welcome to the new server. See you in game once the server opens.
Only Unicorn Factioneer yet
MineSquads Factions Famlit [Monitor]
JJinga now! JJinga forever!

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