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My Ban Appeal - Xile DENIED
Username: Xile

Person that banned/muted you: Alexis and Gandy

Ban/mute reason: xraying/disrespect to staff

Any other infomation: sorry for being a dick I legit did the exact same thing again 4 maps ago on cc and I realised I fucked up... Again and u were right Alexis xD I do want to come back lol. You know when I get pissed..... Oooooohhh iiii get pissed. Plus I was kinda in a dick mood because I found out my granddad is going to die the other week. Found out he had cancer. As you know Alexis. Sorry for everything I did and I won't do it again. And I understand you have more stuff to worry about that faggots like me, because it's a brand new server. If you don't want to let me back into the community then i 100000% understand because I was a utter and complete cunt to tones of people. Especially you. Sorry Heart Blush
You say that you're sorry and that you wont do it again, but every time you get another chance you repeat what you do.


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