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Ban Appeal - Xile APPROVED
Username: Xile

Person that banned/muted you: Alexis and Vaseline

Ban/mute reason: Xraying and disrespect to staff

Any other infomation: Hey everyone, I'm applying today because I want to redeem myself and be a better person. I know I shouldn't have a xrayed for my friends and I regret it, immensely. I don't know what I was thinking being disrespectful to staff, nor Xraying and I know I made a wrong choice. Minesquads will be a great server and hopefully a popular one too. I never thought cc would be the same as minesquads, but I guess I was wrong. Minesquads it's probably the only good game on minecraft ( apart from skywars #skywarsftw ). I hope I will see you all online soon.

~ Xile  Smile
I spoke with Gandy and your appeal is approved. 

This is your only chance. Dont mess it up. 

We look forward to seeing you in game.

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