Poll: Should the map reset? (After Halloween most likely)
Yes! Thats a great idea!
No! Thats just plain stupid!
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Why the map should be reset
Question: Why does the server need to be reset?

  • More thought is necessary to develop a strong, stable economy
    • There are numerous people that have been able to rise up in the “tower of wealth” on the server through the introduction of things such as enchants, chorus fruit, etc.
    • Chorus Fruit was hoarded by factions that eventually became the top dogs due in part to the pricing error.
    • Enchants were sold very cheaply at the beginning within the admin shop and players that took advantage of this got a huge headstart from the other player being able to purchase enchants for roughly ⅗ the price.
  • New players have no motivation to stick around
    • When a new player enters the server in its current state, they begin with a single kit of stone tools and no starter protection.
    • As a new player, it is always nice to feel safe during your first entry of a server. Essentially, adding a starter protection timer gives players time to travel out and set up their claims
      • Suggested timer: 30-45 minutes where new players cannot attack players nor be attacked by players.
    • Implementing a kit that can be used multiple times even after the first death would give the player reason to keep trying to setup their first few claims and settle into a nice little shack.
      • Kit includes: Set of chain armor enchanted with protection 1. Iron sword, Iron tools, 16 steak, Bucket of water and a starting balance of $500 - 1000 (Players could then purchase basic things such as starting crops, enchantment table, etc from the admin shop).
  • Use of social media is somewhat minimal
    • Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms out there used for getting the community interested and excited for the release of a minecraft server. When working on the creation of a new map and what not, giving little sneak peeks of what progress is being made interests players and gives them some inclination to join the server on release. This method of spreading awareness can also be used with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and/or Minesquads website.
  • The server has been open for only 18 days
    • Although the server may have been open for such a short period of time, this brought about tons of reports on various bugs and exploits that players could have taken use of.
    • Nobody has invested too much time just yet, most factions servers have the players invest a few months at best to keep things interesting.
    • Players still get to keep their mcmmo that they worked on during these 18 days.
    • Everyone could re-live the grand opening of the server
    • The spawn could be rebuilt and implement all the additions made in the current spawn. Overall, the new spawn would give a smoother feel and should not really look like it is a separate section of the map, it needs to have some blending amongst the terrain. Also, adding the portals like the pvp arena, brawlers guild, etc. could be planned out better before the opening.
    • More thought could be involved in the creation of the server’s overall plan
      • What types of events will be added and when will they be hosted?
      • How will players be making their money?
      • What do players want to see at grand opening?
      • Create unique features that other servers don’t include.
      • Etc, there is tons of things to take into mind when creating a server with no prior fanbase starting from the ground up.
  • AncientEdits (Spencer)
  • SkipTheGym (Nate)
Thank you for taking the time to read our thoughts on the current state of the Minesquads server. Also, please take the extra minute to vote in the poll located above this post! Thank you!
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Quote:Go Ancient, 500k! 500k! -Ancient

Thank you for your post.

I always appreciate feedback and I think you made some valid suggestions however they are not suggestions that require a map reset to implement.

As we have said from the beginning, the map will reset approximately every 4 months +/-. This is somewhat based on activity etc but it certainly is not being considered less than 3 weeks into the map.
Once mistakes in the economy have been done, there is no fixing it. When the chorus fruit prices were raised that didn't fix anything, people still had them. Limiting the timers still didn't help, these players still had plenty which really puts other factions at a disadvantage in terms of raiding ease. Also, within the opposition section of my post it explains exactly what someone against the map reset would say, server has been open "less than 3 weeks". Please once again, take into consideration the possibility of a new map around the beginning of November. Thanks.
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Quote:Go Ancient, 500k! 500k! -Ancient

I personally see the map very well, alive and exciting at this moment. But you do lay out some very true and interesting ideas. But, at the end of the day, this is the first map of this new server, there will be bugs and what not. Everyone and the server administrators are constantly seeing what is best fit and what is not for the server in order to improve our factions experience thoroughly on upcoming maps.
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I think Ancient has a good point. I do agree the economy kinda flopped with some changes. I think the server is at a good state, but it could be a little better the the moment. The map doesnt really fall together it seems a little bit random. But i feel the server is in a spot that it could make it 3 more months. Hopefully.
Ancient you have brought up things that your faction did... If you are not happy about it burn it all then..
But no one byt you guys have been complaining. You lot got rich really fast because of the bugs, so dont complain xd
umm I change my name to natsu___dragneel and the sever wont let me join
(10-17-2016, 08:59 AM)demea0213 Wrote: umm  I  change  my name  to  natsu___dragneel  and  the   sever  wont   let me  join

Hi Demea,

try going to your minecraft launcher, log out, and then re-log with your password and email, this might solve the problem.

Also, next time please don't comment on every thread about this, just make a separate thread for your problem and hopefully someone will assist you.
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ok kvms

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